Wednesday, April 1, 2009

John Gardner Online

John Gardner, the man I credit as the Premiere authority on Identity Theft issues, has a blog here:

I've updated my links at right. I encourage you to visit his website and subscribe. Much of the information I post here in the future may well come from or simply be a link to a posting on his blog.

If it weren't for John's efforts to educate everyone about ID Theft, I would never have met you or become involved with your company as a Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist.

I've just finally ordered his newest book "If You are Me, then Who am I?" today and I'll go ahead and recommend that you do the same. Information is on his website here

Here is part of his Bio posted on his site here

John P. Gardner, Jr. is an attorney and one of the nation’s leading experts on Identity Theft. While others were scrambling to tell people to lock their mailboxes and shred their credit card statements, Mr. Gardner was warning consumers of the potential health risks, Social Security and tax issues, financial disasters, and the reality that they could face false imprisonment as a result of someone stealing their identity. He has consulted with various State Governmental entities including members of the Kentucky Senate, the Michigan House of Representatives, and the South Carolina Senate Finance and House Judiciary Committee Staff on Identity Theft, Privacy and Data Protection legislation. He has helped to implement Identity Theft Protection programs which today protect hundreds of thousands of Americans identities and even more recently, he has been consulting with Major Corporations, Hospitals, Government Agencies and Small Businesses on how to better protect the Identities and Non-public Information of their employees and customers. Mr. Gardner has traveled extensively across North America speaking to groups and providing training to many organizations on Identity Theft, Privacy, and Data Protection.


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