Saturday, October 1, 2011

Countrywide ID theft scam

Incredible. They caught 2 of the men responsible for the Countrywide data breach. I don't think the punishment fit the crime myself.

This is a good article for people who still ask me "how did someone get my Social Security Number/Bank Account number/Date of Birth/et al. Here are some highlights and the link back:

Rebollo was arrested in 2008 after FBI investigators found that he was using a flash drive to download data from about 20,000 customers a week for two years.

Rebollo then sold the information to Wahid Siddiqi, 28, formerly of Thousand Oaks, for $500 and earned a combined $50,000, federal investigators said. He later pleaded guilty to unlawfully disclosing Social Security numbers in at least 50,000 [INSTANCES].

Siddiqi is serving a 3-year prison sentence after pleading guilty to fraud and admitted to selling the information to third parties, including an undercover FBI agent.


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