Saturday, January 16, 2010

Debit-Card and Gas Pump 'Skimming' Scams

If you have been to one of my classes in the past 2 years, this will sound very familiar. I highlight this scenario in most classes that I teach:

Be especially vigilant at gas stations, Litan says. "Gas pumps are notorious for skimming because they're produced by only a couple of different manufacturers, and if someone gets the key to one from a disgruntled employee, they can insert a skimming device inside the pump where it can't be seen," she says. She recommends using a credit card rather than a debit card when you fill your tank.

If you know someone who runs an business and would like to educate their staff, as you have been educated, contact me anytime.

Here is another article on this same topic and highlights the motivation for some of these crimes pretty clearly I think:

A bogus east Orange County trucking company was a front for an illegal business that stole credit-card numbers and diesel fuel that yielded an estimated daily profit of $10,000, the Sheriff's Office said Monday.


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