Friday, March 13, 2015

Identity Theft Scams and Tactics

I also thought I had a post about common ID Theft Scams. I'll fill this one out soon but here are some for starters, numbered but in no particular order
  1. Dumpster Diving
  2. Stealing wallets and purses
  3. Stealing mail even by change of address form
  4. Stealing records from their employer
  5. Shoulder Surfing
  6. Hacking
  7. Skimming
  8. Phishing
  9. Spear Phishing
  10. Vishing
  11. Smsishing
  12. Spoofing

I've cited Jake Stroup before as an online resource so I'll to one of his pages here again and I will be back to fill out this article in the next few days.


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