Saturday, June 20, 2015

Foster Children at High Risk for Child Identity Theft

Foster Children are unfortunately at a high risk for Identity Theft. As you can imagine with them moving around so much and so many people having temporary access to their SSN and insurance credentials, Foster Children are often in for an ugly surprise when they find themselves on their own as 18 year old adults.

Here are some articles on the topic

NBC News
Children in foster care are at greater risk of becoming victims of identity theft and entering adulthood with their credit already in shambles, experts say.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
Every year, more than 26,000 kids in the United States age out of foster care. Remember how difficult it was to navigate through the world when you were 18? Now imagine you had to do it with nearly no support system – and with a mountain of debt in your name, thanks to identity theft.

A resource (report) from the Annie E. Casey Foundation
Young people in foster care are at heightened risk of identity theft
The federal credit check requirement is intended to help young people leave foster care with clear credit histories.

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